UHTA Trail Projects

Rabbit Pond Trail
Rabbit Pond trail upgrades are planned for 2023. This will improve riding The Long Trail descent from the summit of Little Gore Mt. to the Connector trail within the town park. The trail requires upgrading to a professionally built, sustainable tread to withstand greater numbers of bikers.   This work is scheduled for 2023 and upon completion will give riders a 10 km loop trail, starting and ending at the town’s Ski Bowl Park, a quarter mile away from North Creek.  We have worked with DEC, ORDA (Gore), and the Town of Johnsburg to get the necessary approvals for the trail build. To date, we are grateful to have $13,000 toward the total project budget of $20,000 thanks to Ride On Event 2021, support from Warren County, and a grant from Adirondack Community Recreation Alliance and the Northern Forest Center.

Relocation of the Ski Bowl Connector Trail
In Spring, 2022 UHTA received funding ($45,863) from the Recreational Trails Program, a federal program administered by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation (NYSOPRHP).  This funding will allow UHTA and the Town of Johnsburg to relocate the current Connector Trail which begins at the base of the ski lift and shoots northwest to the conjunction of NYS trails Rabbit Pond and Raymond Brook. The relocation is being done at the request of the private land owner who initially permitted the path of the trail on his property. The trail will be moved to town-owned land and end up at the same junction, allowing the Long Trail Loop access back into Ski Bowl Park. This work is scheduled for 2023.  In the interim, the trail is leased by the town annually and is open for public use.