Dynamite Hill, Chestertown

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Dynamite Hill

The Dynamite Hill Recreation Center and neighboring Caroline Fish Trails are located on Town property in Chestertown, NY. The Recreation Center features a baseball field, ice skating rink, a sledding hill, warming hut, and handle-tow tow for skiing and snowboarding with both lights and snowmaking!

The adjacent Caroline Fish XC ski trail system was built by the Rotary in the 1980s (with grooming and lights!). After some further trail development around 2013/4 the Town had the property logged. The lighting system was dismantled and the trail system was unfortunately heavily damaged in the logging. However, new opportunity has been afforded.

Local trail efforts recreated and expanded the XC ski trail network and created new hiking trails. UHTA’s goal is to develop the hiking trails to also be suitable for mountain biking and to repair the damage to the XC ski trails so they will once again be suitable for grooming. Longer term goals include the restoration of a lighting system and potentially snowmaking.

Upper Hudson Trails Alliance and the North Warren Chamber of Commerce have made great progress since 2022 on these goals with support from our the Town of Chester, Northern Forest Center/Adirondack Community Recreation Alliance, Adirondack Cycling Advocates, and of course our hard working volunteers. We look to coming closer to completion of these goals in 2024.

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Dynamite Hill Recreation Area